How much will the increased prices of iPhone models be?

Technology companies and importer companies say they are very nervous due to the fluctuation and accelerated rise in the dollar and other currencies in our country’s economy. Especially the brands that supply products from abroad To Turkey When they bring a device, it is traded at the current dollar rate. Therefore, taxation and sales are made accordingly.

That’s why companies Turkish lira While it loses value rapidly against other currencies, it can keep the price of the products in stock stable. Although they subsidize some of this momentary fluctuation by lowering their own profit rates, this situation does not last long. apple may be faced with a similar situation. Company 23 November day iPhone models, in particular stopped selling all products.

Apple Turkey closed all products for sale

After the exchange rate fluctuated in Turkey and saw record levels, Apple Turkey stopped the sale of many products.

The iPhone family is expected to go on sale with an increased price!

Turkish lira It has been moving in a continuous fluctuation for the last 1 year. But we passed September The depreciation that started in May reached its peak this month. As of today 1 dollar, 13,527 TL reached its highest value in its history. Currently, many online technology sales platforms and stores November discounts continues. But in such an environment Apple’s It attracted attention that it stopped all sales on its own page.


The first thing that comes to mind about this situation is that most companies Covid-19 came the chip shortage that had plagued him throughout the pandemic. But apple, iPhone After the models, it stopped the sale of all devices one by one. Therefore, the subject Turkish liraIt was understood that ‘s lost quickly against other currencies. Then everyone is in the company’s new iPhone and started to wait for it to launch its other models with an increased price.

Turkish pound because it is not stable yet Apple’s their products by currency arrangement It is not known whether it will be released in a stable time. However, assuming that there will be an exchange rate update, we share our expectation about how much the new prices will be for you.

Expected increased prices of iPhone models

Prices of smartphones sold in our country 96.47 percentIt is sold with a tax of . But companies do not follow the same price policy in every country. For example, a firm is tax-free. from $700 promoting the product in another country $650 can sell. So according to its location by lowering the rate of profit can follow a market strategy.


Therefore, while we are preparing our list, Apple’s current pricing and subsidy policies we watched. also 13.527 TL, which is the highest value the dollar has ever seen as we received. But keep in mind that we are only making a guess. In other words, the company can increase or decrease its prices by following different strategies in the future.

64GB 128GB 256GB 512GB 1TB
iPhone 11 7999 TL 8449 TL
Expected price hike 12999 TL 14499 TL
iPhone SE 5799 TL 6299 TL
Expected price hike 10499 TL 11499 TL
iPhone 12 mini 9999 TL 10499 TL 11499 TL
Expected price hike 15499 TL 16999 TL 19499 TL
iPhone 12 10999 TL 11499 TL 12499 TL
Expected price hike 18499 TL 19499 TL 22499 TL
iPhone 13 mini 10999 TL 11999 TL 13999 TL
Expected price hike 18499 TL 20999 TL 26499 TL
iPhone 13 11999 TL 12999 TL 14999 TL
Expected price hike 20999 TL 23499 TL 28999 TL
iPhone 13 Pro 15999 TL 16999 TL 18999 TL 20999 TL
Expected price hike 26499 TL 28999 TL 34499 TL 39499 TL
iPhone 13 Pro Max 17999 TL 18999 TL 20999 TL 22999 TL
Expected price hike 28999 TL 31499 TL 36999 TL 42499 TL

As the prices of the products rise, the difference between our estimates and the amount to be announced, proportional to the rate of subsidy aspect will increase. also Apple’s We do not know at what exchange rate it will replenish its stocks. Moreover, the company smartphones with at least 60% profit selling. Therefore, it can assume a large part of this increase in order to continue operating in the market.

Note: The list we have prepared is only an estimate. It is not yet known when Apple will start its sales again and at what price.

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