How Much Will The Fed Increase Rates: Reuters Poll

The US Federal Reserve, in order to reduce inflation, has increased interest rates by aggressively increasing interest rates by 75 basis points in the past weeks. What will the Fed’s decisions at other meetings be, according to the Reuters poll?

According to a Reuters poll of economists, nearly three-quarters of economists said in July. 75 basis point rate hike waiting. In addition, most economists at the meeting in September 50 basis points in November while waiting for an increase 25 basis points with those waiting 50 basis points There are close numbers of people waiting.

A large majority is the Fed’s decision in December. 25 basis point rate hike is thinking.

Should these rates materialize, the Fed will continue until the end of the year. He made an interest rate increase between 3.25% and 3.5%. will be.

According to a Reuters poll, inflation is expected by the Fed until at least 2025. Above the 2% target will stay.

Only very few economists will end the rate hike in November he foresees. According to some estimates, the Fed will be in the first quarter of next year. 25 basis points will increase and Interest rate hikes in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2023 will stop.

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