How Much Is The Dating and Socializing Expenses of an Ordinary Young Person?

Socializing, flirting and having fun are very beneficial for our psychology and health. But nowadays it is just as costly… Well, how much does the monthly socialization and dating expense of an ordinary young person cost?

The agenda is always crowded. stress is always high. We cannot go beyond the agenda neither in social media nor in areas such as work and school. We are still tired and overwhelmed.

The thing that will take us out of this tiring landscape and make us smile is what will be good for our psychology and health. Judging by the numerous scientific studies socialize. Making new friends, starting a new relationship, going to concerts, movies, dancing. But in today’s economy it is even simple socializing activities are quite expensive. ‘How expensive could it be? So what does it cost?’ As a small answer to those who say, the average monthly average of an ordinary young person socialization and dating expenses we calculated.

How many times and what can an ordinary teenager socialize in a month?

Going to a movie, a play and a concert once a month, actually quite normal in an ideal world. We have added them to our list.

Going out twice a week to meet with his girlfriend and friends is actually quite reasonable… Let’s add these. One for a drink somewhere in the evening, one for dinner or breakfast.

So in a month;

  • a cinema
  • a theater
  • a concert
  • Eight eating and drinking

our activity. Whether this is done with a lover or with friends. Accounts are already German style!

Now it’s time for the annoying part; Let’s make a book of accounts and calculate the average monthly cost;

  • Cinema ticket average 75 TL + travel cost average 25 TL = 100 TL
  • The average theater ticket is 50 TL + the average travel cost is 25 TL = 75 TL
  • Concert ticket average 200 TL + average travel cost 25 TL + minimum food and beverage cost 150 TL = 375 TL
  • Average cost per person for catering meetings is 150 TL + travel costs 25 TL = 175 TL x 8 = 1.400 TL

Total 100 TL + 75 TL + 375 TL + 1,400 TL = 1.950 TL, monthly socialization cost… When we hit the annual account 23.400 TL doing…

There will be those who say, “For me, socializing is also about playing games and hanging out on social media”…

As we enter 2023, it would be unfair to reject the acceptance of social media or gaming as ‘socializing’. So, let’s not offend those who say, ‘I am socializing by playing, bro’ or ‘I’m flirting online, so what’, let’s take a look at the costs of games and social media.

  • A good phone ~15,000 TL
  • A good computer ~20,000 TL
  • A game console ~15,000 TL

The expense we have to make in order to have these and socialize from home is about 50,000 TL, even if it is for one time… Let’s make it monthly, after all, we can only get it in installments… It reaches a figure of 4.115 TL…

At the end of all this socializing, some of these friends will perhaps say to their lovers ‘let’s get married’. That’s when things change color…

But Fear is of no use. Let’s take a look at the expenses that a couple who decides to get married will have to go through while making a ready-made account.

The couple to marry means household goods… When it comes to white goods, technological household appliances, furniture, the costs are quite high.

Let’s calculate all of them pencil by pencil again:

  • Dishwasher ~8,000 TL
  • Washing machine ~10.000 TL
  • Dryer ~12.000 TL
  • Built-in kitchen set (cooker+oven+extractor) ~10.000 TL
  • Broom (the heart wants a robot, but let’s go cheap anyway) ~5.000 TL
  • TV ~10.000 TL
  • Living room furniture ~15.000 TL
  • Bedroom furniture ~15.000 TL
  • Technological household appliances/kitchen trinkets (toaster, blender, coffee machine, etc.) ~7,000 TL

These are the main necessities in a home. Of course, we do not take into account such things as engagement and wedding expenses. Our goal is just to more or less calculate the costs of a livable house.

This is the total cost In the scenario where we base the average prices as much as possible, ~92.000 TL… Let’s add 8.000 TL for other trivia that will be needed at home and Let’s say 100,000 TL straight…

Again, if we divide them into 12 and buy them, it makes an installment of 8,333 TL per month.

Let’s see it all together, how much did it all cost us now?

Monthly Yearly
The expense of socializing outside 1.950 TL 23.400 TL
Technological socialization expense 4.115 TL 50,000 TL
The expense of ‘we decided to get married’ 8,333 TL 100,000 TL
Total expense 14,398 TL 173,400 TL

Actually, we mentioned it above, but let’s add it again as a small note; technological socialization expenses phone, console and computer we need monthly installment amount for a scenario that we buy in installments; The marriage expense also represents the monthly payment in the scenario where we divide the total expenses in installments.

Of course, if you are not someone who treats their technological gadgets badly and buys new ones every year, or if you have some confusion about marriage and do not plan to get married again and again, these two expenses are not worth it. will be a one-time for many years 🙂

The anxiety level of young people is constantly increasing with the cost of living;

Every moment, from a simple socializing activity to a life-changing big step like the decision to get married, young people always face the same obstacle; money.

This naturally builds a hopeless and dejected youth who has difficulties in self-healing, suffers from anxiety disorders.

Not having fun and not getting married is also an option, of course. However, only the empty lives lived between 09.00-17.00 remain…


Acquiring a hobby is a must to get away from the country’s agenda and refresh: So, how much does each hobby cost?

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