How much does the iPhone 14 series cost to manufacture?

The prices of technological devices sold in our country continue to rise day by day. While buying these products, the same question appears in our minds. Does it deserve this price? Of course, to understand this, we need to look at how much profit it provides to its producers. Today, the production cost of the iPhone 14 series has emerged.

How much does the iPhone 14 cost to manufacture?

Apple is not the company that sells the most smartphones when compared to manufacturers on the Android side. However, although it sells less than its competitors, it manages to earn many times more than them. The biggest reason for this is that the selling price of the devices is lower than the cost.

According to the leaks that emerged today, Apple opened the mouth of the pouch for the iPhone 14 Pro. The biggest reason for this is the A16 Bionic processor, which costs 2.5 times (about $110) than its predecessor, and the 48 Megapixel sensor, whose cost has increased by 50 percent as it has grown by 30 percent.

The color options of the Galaxy S23 series have appeared!

The color options of the Galaxy S23 series have appeared!

Known for leaks in the industry, Ross Young revealed the color options of the upcoming Galaxy S23 series.

Despite this, when we look at the production cost of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, we see that it is 501 dollars. The iPhone 13 Pro, which went on sale last year, was produced for $ 570 due to chip crisis problems, and Apple reduced its profit margin.

Therefore, although the production cost per part of the new series has increased, the overall production cost has decreased in an interesting way. In addition, considering that Apple does not use the A16 Bionic and 48 Megapixel sensor in the iPhone 14 and Plus models, as in the Pro series, the profit margin has increased considerably.

You can see other devices in the table below.

Smart phone Production cost launch price of the price tag
how much profit?
iPhone 14 Pro Max $501 $1099 54.4 percent
iPhone 13 Pro 128GB $570 $999 42.9 percent
Apple iPhone 12 Pro 128GB $406 $999 59.36 percent
Apple iPhone 12 64GB $373 $829 55.01 percent
Apple iPhone XS Max 256GB $443 $1,249 64.53 percent
Apple iPhone X 64GB $389.50 $999 61.01 percent
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB $295.44 $799 63.02 percent
Apple iPhone 8 64GB $254.87 $699 63.54 percent
Apple iPhone 7 32GB $224.80 $649 65.4 percent
Apple iPhone 6S Plus 16GB $236 $749 68.5%
Apple iPhone 6S 16GB $211.50 $649 67.4 percent
Apple iPhone 6 16GB $200.10 $649 70.9 percent
Apple iPhone 5S 16GB $199 $849 74 percent
Google Pixel XL 32GB $285.75 $769 62.84 percent
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 32GB $232.50 $699 69.6 percent
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 $369 $950 61.2 percent
Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB $275.50 $699.99 60.6 percent
Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB $255 $599 57.4 percent
Samsung Galaxy S8++ Plus $343 $850 59.6 percent
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 64GB $379 $839 54.8 percent
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 128GB $420 $999 57.9 percent
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 256GB/12GB $528.50 $1,350 60.9 percent
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 128GB $533 $1,199 55.5 percent
Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB $399.50 $799 50 percent
Samsung Galaxy S21 256GB $414 $849 51.2 percent

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