How much does it cost to set up the Apple ecosystem? (2023)

Thanks to the technological products it has launched and the integration system it has established between them, Apple offers the opportunity to easily create an ecosystem. In this case, as the user’s work becomes easier, the customer experience also increases considerably. So how much does it cost to create the Apple ecosystem?

What is the Apple ecosystem?

Of course, Apple is not the only manufacturer suitable for creating an ecosystem among technology companies. However, the customer experience offered by the company and the stable operation of the products are some of the reasons for preference among users.

Apple hosts technological products from many categories, from TV to smartphone, from tablet to headphones. Thanks to many software offered to users, an integration between these devices occurs. In this case, the concept of “ecosystem” emerges.

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Who sold the most smartphones in 2022? Apple vs Samsung

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To create an Apple ecosystem, you basically have to have two devices that can connect and integrate with each other. If you wish, you can choose a smartphone and laptop for this. Of course there may be more devices as well.

Advantages of the Apple ecosystem

The main thing that makes Apple products an ecosystem is the software that devices can connect with each other. For example, one of these applications, the Safari web browser. You can access the pages you open here from any device.

Important apps for the Apple ecosystem

  • iCloud: It is a cloud storage service used to securely store your photos, files, notes and passwords. In addition, iPhone and Apple Watch backup can be stored.
  • AirDrop: Service for sending photos, files, documents, videos and more. It can be used between Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.
  • Family Sharing: You can give access to popular services such as iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+ Apple Fitness+ to up to 5 members of your family.
  • App Store: You can access your purchases and sales from your account from any device.
  • Safari: View the page you opened from other devices.
  • Call, SMS and notification: You can reply to incoming calls and SMS, and also see notifications, from any device that has your iCloud account open. Internet connection is required.
  • Find my device: If you forgot where you put any Apple device, you can see its exact location with this app.
  • Health: You can view your health information and fitness routines on Apple Watch from any device.
  • Apple Sidecar: You can use your Mac, MacBook or iPad as a secondary display.
  • Battery check: You can control the charging of connected devices via Bluetooth.

Before you move on to building the Apple ecosystem, you must first set your priorities. For example, if you are constantly exercising, you can use the Apple Watch to check calls and messages without taking the phone with you. You can also consider an AirPods earphone if you like to listen to music.

Affordable Apple ecosystem

You can have a smartphone and a tablet to create the simplest and most affordable ecosystem. For this 16 thousand 999 TL iPhone SE with 64GB and 8 thousand 499 TLYou can choose the 9th generation iPad. These two products in total 25 thousand 498 thousand TL holding.

iPhone SE

You can also add a watch and headphones to boost the ecosystem and enhance the experience. for this 5 thousand 999 TL Apple Watch SE and 2 thousand 999 TLYou can get 2nd generation AirPods. Our basket amount 34 thousand 497 TLrose to .

A good Apple ecosystem

For a good Apple ecosystem, we need a high-end computer, smartphone, tablet, watch and headset. For this, it has an M2 Pro processor, 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD storage. 67 thousand 499 TL’16-inch MacBook Pro, 32 thousand 999 TL with iPhone 14, 11 thousand 299 TL10.9 inch 10th generation iPad, 9 thousand 299 TL8th generation Apple Watch, 5 thousand 399 TLYou can have the 2nd generation AirPods Pro. In total for this ecosystem 126 thousand 495 TL You have to spend.

MacBook Pro

If you wish, you can buy an iMac as a desktop computer to use at home and a MacBook Pro to use it outside. You can even opt for the top-of-the-line iPhone 14, iPad, Apple Watch and AirPods. However, let us state that the amount you need to spend will also be multiplied.

Million Apple ecosystem

In the million-dollar Apple ecosystem, the doors are wide open. First for home M1 has a chip A 24-inch iMac let’s take. This 16GB RAMfor storage 1TB SSD and let’s add Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad. With all customizations 65 thousand 88 TL holding.

For use outside M2 Max powered by the chip, 64GB RAMto and 2TB SSD 16 inch with storage MacBook ProWe add to cart. This is us 107 thousand 499 TLIt costs .

Now, the desktop computer that we will use at our workplace. Mac Pro there is. We choose the rack type case. to this system 2.5GHz 28 core Intel Xeon W 2 as processor and video card GDDR6 64 GB Radeon Pro W6800X we add. next to it 1.5TB DDR4 RAM and for storage 8TB SSD we choose. Additionally, one 3,699 TLWe add Magic Mouse + Magic Trackpad to .

Mac Pro

Mac Pro case 1 million 246 thousand 198 TL holding. Of course, this requires a monitor. At this point 125 thousand 139 TLusing nano-texture glass to Pro Display XDR and for the stand 23 thousand 849 TL the one which… Pro StandWe add to cart.

As a smartphone with 6.7 inch screen iPhone 14 Pro Max we take Adding 1 TB of storage to this, in total 59 thousand 199 TL We are paying. 1,299 TL the one which… MagSafe We don’t forget the featured leather case either.

For tablet, it has 1 TB storage capacity. 12.9 inch iPad ProWe take the . Also to this 2 thousand 649 T2nd generation with L Apple Pencil and 7 thousand 599 TLLet’s add the Magic Keyboard. In addition, we add WiFi + Cellular to connect to mobile data when there is no Wi-Fi connection nearby. iPad Pro, us 59 thousand 997 TLIt cost .

As a smart watch 27 thousand 999 thousand TL with titanium case Apple Watch We’re getting ultra. As a headphone right next to it, on-ear 14 thousand 499 TL‘ness AirPods Max we choose. For television, Wi-Fi and Ethernet supported 3 thousand 999 TL‘ness Apple TV 4KWe add to cart.


This ecosystem gives us a total 1 million 774 thousand 415 TLIt cost . At this point, even a 5-10 percent discount will make a difference. If you are considering creating an Apple ecosystem, we recommend making choices based on your needs and priorities. For this, you can take a look at the affordable option.

So what do you think about the Apple ecosystem? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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