How Much Do Twitter Employees Trust Elon Musk?

On the Elon Musk and Twitter front, the waters do not seem to settle. Musk, who fired a 10-year-old employee with a single post on Twitter last night, has almost completely lost trust within the company, according to a survey of Twitter employees ‘yet to be fired’.

The internet world has only been talking about Twitter and the new owner of the platform, Elon Musk, for the last few weeks. Actually, this is normal because Musk, a new development every minute appears with. Even so, does not fall off the agenda.

You will have those who remember; Elon Musk, in his statements about Twitter, said that the platform could go bankrupt. had said. The latest news shows that this prediction can become a reality with the current management style. Because, according to a new study, Twitter employees Almost no confidence in Elon Musk and that the platform under the management of billions of business people can be successful. they don’t believe.

89% of employees think Twitter will fail!

A survey conducted on the workplace forum Blind, where users remain anonymous, revealed that Twitter employees do not trust Elon Musk. So that employees 89 percent, does not believe that Twitter under Elon Musk will be successful. According to the survey of 442 verified Twitter employees, the rate of those who recommend working on Twitter to their family or friends remains at 2 percent.


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The research done on Twitter dismissal It also revealed the perspective of the employees on the process. So much so that Twitter employees only 1 percent offeels empathy and ‘honourable’ during dismissal. These numbers are not at all heartwarming for both Musk and Twitter.

So why did Twitter come to this?


There are some reasons why things on Twitter are so messy. To be frank, since Elon Musk bought Twitter, the platform has been so to speak. like a grocer began to rule. The management style that looked at the decisions of this single person created an atmosphere of unrest in the company with thousands of employees. For example; The resulting documents are the Twitter team’s paid blue tick reveals that he warned Elon Musk before the application, but Musk did not heed these warnings. Employees of this system will be abused and they informed Elon Musk that it contains risks…


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