How Migratory Birds Fly Over the Seas

A new study has revealed that migratory birds can read and act on winds and breezes as they fly over the sea. Thus, the birds spend less energy.

Many bird species according to the seasons migrated to different countries We know that our country is on the migration route of many migratory species. There are many methods that migratory birds have developed to conserve their energy during their long journeys.

According to a new study by scientists migratory birdsThey move in such a way that they read the winds and breezes and soar with the wind as they cross the seas. The winds rising up from the sea surface allow the birds to travel with less energy.

GPS tracking revealed

Scientists traversing the globe five different migratory bird species It installed chips that would enable its members to track GPS. This GPS data also revealed how the birds use the winds to transport them.


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Researchers, “Our findings, migratory birds shows that sea crossing partially provides its energy needs from the buoyancy of the seas. This could have important implications for shaping their routes, timing and strategies to overcome ecological barriers.” used the phrases.

Scientists are just discovering the methods used by migratory birds to migrate. biotracking Thanks to these methods, we can obtain very remarkable information about migratory birds. To give an example, some small bird species have been without touching the ground for months It turned out that they could travel.

The way to fly for hours is the sea wind

migratory birds

When the air near the sea surface gets warm, it goes up, and the cooler air goes down instead. This movement, which creates the wind, is also so that the birds can soar more easily and keeps it in the air.

Researchers have so far always flying in a V shape He states that the focus is on the wing wind, which allows them to expend energy, but new findings show that offshore or vertical winds are also important. While it is easy for small birds to carry themselves with the wind, it is a matter of great curiosity how large birds do this.

Climate change threatens migratory birds



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Many migratory bird species to identify migration routes. The fact that it follows temperature changes, seasonal winds and airflows, and decides to mate and nest according to seasonal cycles causes concern about the future of these species at some point. As climate change and global warming become more serious, the habitats of these creatures are also affected, and moreover, it becomes difficult for them to find their habitats.

Understanding the travels of migratory birds, which is dependent on air movements, is to understand them and the nature of the changes that will occur in these movements in the future. how it will affect the environment It is also of great importance in detecting According to the researchers, more detailed and comprehensive studies are needed on this subject.

Results of the research Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences was published in the journal.

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