How Many Cars Are Sold Per Capita in Turkey?

New car sales in Turkey in 2022 were compared with new car sales in other European countries. The comparison did not paint a bright picture for Turkey.

Automobile sales in Turkey went through troubled times in 2022 as well. The main reasons for this were the increasing exchange rate and the global stock crisis. Recent researches show that the relationship between Turkey and other countries new car sales figures revealed the difference between them.

Brand new cars sold in Turkey in 2022 The number actually increased compared to the previous year. The number of sales recorded as 561 thousand in 2021 became 592 thousand in 2022. If the number of sales is proportional to the population of the countries, the number of automobile sales per capita is it is very low revealed.

Only 7 out of every 1000 people were able to buy a new car.

According to the data shared by EBS Danışmanlık, in 2022 every Only 7 out of 1000 people was able to buy a new car. This rate has increased at a very low rate compared to last year. number for 2021 It was 6.76. In Europe, the average was 21.3. In 2021, it was 22.24. So yes, to put it simply, the rate of automobile purchases per capita decreased in Europe but increased in Turkey. However, it should not be forgotten that the rate is 3 times higher in Europe.

European countries with the most new vehicles sold to 1000 people in 2022:

1. Luxembourg: 67.2

2. Iceland: 45.7

3. Norway: 32.5

4. Germany: 31.9

5. Belgium: 31.8

6. Sweden: 27.9

7. Switzerland: 26.3

8. Denmark: 25.5

9. Austria: 24.2

10. United Kingdom: 23.8

28. Latvia: 8.8

29. Turkey: 7.0

30. Romania: 6.7

31. Bulgaria: 4.1


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