How is the fake game uploaded to Steam?

Today, at 17:00, we are evaluating the technology developments on the agenda together with you.

SDN 5 Stream is with you with its 251st episode.

In the 251st episode of our 5 Stream live broadcast, SDN Editor-in-Chief Tolga Cem Küçükyılmaz and SDN editor Osman Furkan Şahin will evaluate technological developments this week.

A serious problem was found in Steam, which is quite busy on the agenda. The scammers who covet people’s hard-earned money continue to come up with new methods that make us give up every day. A new one has been added to these recently. The popular FPS game, which is not sold on stores such as Steam or Epic Games Store, but only sold through its own website, has been uploaded to Steam by fraudsters. Users were shocked when they purchased and downloaded the game, which was sold for half the official price tag.

We will interpret the weekly technological developments with you. You can also ask us your questions in our live broadcast.

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