How hot do planes burn? How much does the passenger plane’s tank cost?

Today, while energy costs and especially fuel prices continue to be listed as pocket-worthy, how does this happen in passenger planes, some models of which can take up to 370,000 liters of fuel? What are the costs and how many TL is it filled to full capacity? How much do planes burn? Let’s take a closer look at the surprising prices and details.

How hot do planes burn?

In airplanes, a special petroleum derivative called “Kerosene”, which is called Jet A-1 in the aviation literature, and used as kerosene in gas lamps, is used as fuel. Airplanes are configured with engines of different sizes and power according to their intended use, and accordingly, the fuel capacity of each model can be different.

So how much do planes burn? For example, the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft with four engines, double deckers and capable of carrying 853 passengers, can take 370,000 liters of fuel, while a Boeing 737 aircraft with twin engines and a capacity of 151 passengers can hold 26,170 liters of fuel.

Fuel consumption values ​​in aircraft, as in road vehicles, depend on many variables such as the weather conditions, the driving style of the driver, the amount of cargo they carry and the amount of passengers. Therefore, different consumption values ​​are measured even in the same model airplanes.

Messaging on the plane is free!

Messaging on the plane is free!

Bilal Ekşi, General Manager of Turkish Airlines, gave the good news that passengers will be able to send messages easily while traveling.

Let’s get an idea about the fuel costs and consumption values ​​of the planes with a simple calculation based on the statistics of BOEING 787, one of the popular models that airline companies have recently added to their fleets.

Being a twin-engine aircraft that can carry 300 passengers, the 787 takes 126,372 liters of fuel and offers a range of 14,010 km. Assuming that the aircraft completes its range with a full tank, it consumes approximately 9.02 liters of fuel per km. If we take into account that the current Jet fuel is 0.67 dollars (12.9 TL) per liter, our aircraft spends 6.04 dollars (116.5 TL) per km and its tank is full capacity at a cost of 84,669 dollars (1,633,265 TL).

Boeing 787

In comparison, a diesel car that consumes an average of 6 liters of fuel per 100 km (according to the current diesel price) can get 77,405 liters of fuel at the same cost. Boeing 787 travels 1,290,000 km with it. Again, with the same cost, a sedan car with a zero km full package can be purchased and 825 round trips can be made between Istanbul and Ankara with this car. As it can be understood from what we have mentioned, the costs in aviation can reach very high amounts compared to other modes of transportation.

We answered the question of how much the planes burn. What do you think about this subject? Don’t forget to share your views with us in the comments!

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