How Have The Prices of Old iPhones Changed After iPhone 13?

Apple has officially launched the iPhone 13. The most striking aspect of the statements made by the company was the failure of high price expectations. So how did this reflect on the iPhone 12, iPhone SE and iPhone 11?

US-based technology giant Apple, which was highly anticipated yesterday evening, launch event officially done. As part of this event, the company iPhone 13In addition to new iPad and new Apple Watch Series 7He also announced. The most surprising member of the event was undoubtedly the prices of the iPhone 13. because price leaks abroadindicated that the price of the phone would be higher. However, no such thing happened. As such, the price calculations we made earlier are also it was wasted.

According to the figures announced by Apple, a consumer who wants to buy an iPhone 13, Between 10.999 TL and 22.999 TL will have to pay. So, how were the prices of the iPhone models announced in the past years? Normally, when a new product is launched, old models lose value. So does this apply to Apple as well? Now, we present to you the iPhone SE, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 family with the prices we obtained from the web archive. from pre- and post-launch prices we will talk about.

While the iPhone SE was raised, the price did not decrease in other models.

Before we look at Apple’s pre- and post-launch prices, web archive Let’s give a general briefing. The web archive, which takes screenshots of all sites on the internet, is the largest database in the internet world. Thanks to this system, a website’s even months ago you can reach directly. If we check iPhone SE has been hiked after launch, on iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 no price change We see. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at those prices.


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There was no price change on the iPhone 11

iPhone 11

As you can see in the screenshot above, the starting price of the iPhone 11 on July 29; 7.999 TLwas. In the last checks we made, we see that the price of the iPhone 11 still starts from 7,999 TL.

iPhone 11

Note: Web archive, latest screenshot of iPhone 11’s sales page, 29 JulyHe’s got it in . That’s why we can’t give a more recent price. But that doesn’t change anything because the iPhone 11 had the same price the day before it was launched.

Starting price of iPhone SE increased by 500 TL

iPhone SE

Screenshot taken on September 8 in the web archive shows the starting price of the iPhone SE 5,299 TL shows that. However, the current version of Apple’s website is a substantial amount of 500 TL for this smartphone. a raise has been made it reveals. Because in our checks, the current starting price of this smartphone is 5,799 TL we see that.

iPhone SE

iPhone 12 prices also remained stable

iPhone 12

Screenshot for iPhone 12 taken on September 12 shows the pre-launch price of this smartphone 10.999 TLIt reveals that it started from . For the iPhone 12 mini, we see a price of 9,999 TL. These prices are also in our checks now. fixed case. In this case, a consumer who wants to buy the iPhone 12 can replace the iPhone 12 for a few hours of long use, better camera and processor. May prefer iPhone 13 looks like. Because we can say that there is no price difference in between.

iPhone 12

So, should the iPhone 13 be bought or not?