How Does a Manual Gear Car Without Clutch Pedal Work?

Although automatic transmission cars are comfortable, they can leave hopes for another spring due to their high prices. However, there are also “manual cars without clutch pedal” positioned between manual and automatic transmission cars. So how do these cars work?

Consumers who plan to buy a car, prefer more automatic transmission they use cars. Automatic transmission cars, which eliminate the clutch pedal in manual transmission cars, are especially advantageous in urban use. As a result, the necessity of constantly checking the rev counter is eliminated. Also during take off probability of stopping also goes to zero.

However, the prices of automatic transmission cars are quite high compared to manual transmission cars. Let’s even give an example: one of the most popular models in Turkey. Renault Clio‘s manual transmission base model price is 448,000 TL as of the writing of this content. When you consider the automatic transmission option, you have to sacrifice 516,000 TL for the lowest level Clio. The difference is, underestimable not of the kind.

But did you know that there is a third option? Manual transmission cars without clutch pedal!

Yes, in these cars you have to shift gear yourself, but you don’t have to depress the clutch pedal. In fact, there is no pedal you can press. well this how is it possible?

Why do manual transmission cars have a clutch pedal?

The animation above provides a simple visual representation of what happens during gear shifting. If you notice, the system is completely with gears are connected to each other. This is where the pedal, which we call the clutch, comes into play.

When you press the clutch, the gears are disconnected, so you can change gears. When you try to shift without pressing the clutch, you will damage these gears. In public “disassemble the gearboxThe situation referred to as ” will return a large amount of expense to the driver.

If you do not press the pedal enough, the gears rub against each other and so to speak “gaarc” you hear a sound. When you hear this sound, you can be sure that the gears in the gearbox are slightly worn.

How about a clutchless manual transmission car if the clutch is separating the gears?

manual gear car

As a matter of fact, there is only one difference between manual cars without a clutch pedal and manual cars with a clutch pedal. This difference the pedal itself. However, when we go towards the gearbox, we see that this difference disappears. In other words, manual cars without a clutch pedal also have a clutch system. Only not managed by the driver.

Automobile companies have given different names to the pedalless clutch systems they have developed. These names are Intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT), sensonic, selectronic, automated manual transmission (AMT) or quickshift. Although the names are different technology in the gearbox always almost the same.

The pedal is managed by the electronic system and sensors!

manual gear car

In manual transmission cars without a clutch pedal, it manages the clutch system from inside the gearbox. electronic system and sensors exists. In other words, the work of the driver is carried out by automatic systems in such cars.

Software that already knows that the car needs to upshift after a certain circuit; the driver takes action before changing gear and idles the vehicle. The driver also changes gears without needing any pedals. In fact, a robot depresses the clutch pedal instead of the driver in such cars.

Manual transmission cars without clutch pedals are not so new technology!

If you think that electronic systems that replace the clutch pedal are new technologies, you are wrong. For example, Saab, which does not even manufacture cars now, was producing cars without clutch pedals in the 90s.

On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz, which is among the giant names of the sector, was also A Series It produced manual transmission cars without a clutch pedal in various models, including.

Hyundai Bayon also has a manual transmission option without a clutch pedal!

Hyundai Bayon

South Korean automaker HyundaiA few years ago, Intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT) introduced its clutch system to users. We have seen this system in models called Bayon, which are also sold in our country, and Venue, which are not available in Turkey. Versions with iMT understand that the driver will shift and for gear change makes it ready.

So what are your views on this? Would you prefer manual shift cars without clutch pedal, which is located between manual shift cars and automatic shift cars?


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