How Do Wizards Divide In The Middle?

It has been confusing for all of us how the trick of dividing a woman in half, which is one of the first shows that comes to mind when we think of a magic show, is done.

Although the methods of how to do the “dividing a woman in half trick”, which we can call indispensable for magic shows, have diversified over the years. some commonly used methods exists.

history a century ago Let’s take a brief look at its history before examining the methods of how this trick, which is based on and terrifying those who see it, is done.

The history of the trick to cut a woman in half isn’t entirely innocent.

The halving number was first performed on 17 January 1921 at the Empire in Finsbury Park, north of London. Percy Thomas Tibbles exhibited by. The show attracted a lot of attention because at that time women were fighting for the right to vote.

Performing the trick of slicing a woman in half shortly after they won the suffrage struggle, Tibbles is one of the leading figures of women fighting for their rights. Sylvia Pankhurst He even invited her to be his victim, but Pankhrust of course turned down the offer.

Months after Percy Thomas Tibbles Horace Goldin When the male victim was used in this show, which was imitated by her, did not attract much attention and women continued to be used again. Over time, the number of people who did the trick increased and the methods began to diversify.

There’s another one in the box!

magic tricks​ ​

Horace Goldin was afraid that other magicians would copy him in 1921. apply for a patent found and thus had to reveal the secret of his number. The first of the systems included in the patents is as follows:

An invisible assistant hidden in half of the box. The assistant, which is supposed to be cut, enters the other half of the box. When the visible assistant enters the box, the hidden assistant protrudes his feet and these feet appear as if they were the feet of the other assistant. In short, the saw passes between two women and does not touch anyone.

So how does this work with a single assistant?

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Another common trick is the assistant is alone. As soon as he enters the box, he can tuck his legs below. a secret compartment opens up or folds his legs towards himself in a single box, as in the trick with two assistants.


The feet protruding from the other end of the box, on the other hand, exhibit real foot movements. It is a shoe mechanism. Therefore, the assistant must be in shoes.

Over time, many new methods have developed.

sawing magic trick

In the 100 years since the trick, there has been a lot of new work with the work of magicians, technicians and engineers. cheat and tool developed. While some of the magicians keep the secrets of their tricks completely secret, it is possible to find out how many of them did.

Today mirror and so on Now that we see that there is not much of a split-in-the-middle trick that diversifies with the use of mechanisms, can we say that we will no longer be able to watch it with our mouths open?


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