How Bitcoin and Altcoins Are: Markets Overview (March 28)

How about Bitcoin and altcoins: Markets overview (March 28)

  • Bitcoin/USDT at the time of writing 2.3% in decline $27,128against the Turkish lira 532,864 TLIt is traded from.
  • Ethereum (ETH) 1.1% in decline 1,735Cardano (ADA) 0.9% with an increase 0.352Polygon (MATIC) 2.9% in decline 1.06BNB (BNB) 4.8% in decline 311, Dogecoin (DOGE) 0.4% in decline 0.0732 and Ripple (XRP) 6.8% with an increase 0.486 dbe located around.
  • In the last 24 hour period flare (FLR) 8.7%While being the most rising altcoin with an increase of . Mask Network (MASK) 8.5%It was the altcoin whose price decreased the most with the decrease of .
  • flare (FLR) $0.385When trading from Mask Network (MASK) $5.57traded from.
  • dollar index DXYin the last 24 hour period 0.2% in decline 102.62 watching level.
  • from US stock markets Nasdaq March 27 negative when closing Dow Jones And S&P500 positive closed.
  • Bitcoin’s market value $522 billion while the total value of the cryptocurrency market is around $1.17 trillion are levels.
  • The volume of the 24-hour cryptocurrency market is 53 billion dollars watching around.
  • USD/TL to the new week 0.08% with an increase 19.09 levels, Euro/TL if parity 0.26% with an increase 20.64 level started.
  • From the cryptocurrency market in the last 24-hour period $148 million while being liquidated from 51 thousand Many cryptocurrency investors were affected.
  • Positions in liquidation 77.33%part of long (long) most liquidations when creating positions in Bitcoin (BTC) took place

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