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The first mass production images came from Togg, which started the pre-order process yesterday. The mass production lines of the Togg factory were displayed in the sharing of the official Twitter account. In the video, all the production processes of the Togg T10X, which are produced in 6 different colors, were shared step by step. In the video, the brand produces the first batch of Togg cars to be sold by pre-order, and the colorful T10Xs roll off the assembly line.

22 thousand 150 orders in 24 hours!

Demand for the domestic car Togg was great from the first day. The company received 7 thousand orders in the first 4 hours and 22 thousand 150 orders in the first 24 hours. Vehicles whose owners will be determined by lottery are getting off the production line one by one. In the video shared from Togg’s official Twitter account, the first mass production images came from the Togg factory, which is located in the brand’s Technology Campus.

The video shows the Togg T10X models from their first chassis to the moment they come off the band. In addition, we can see all the production points in the factory in this way. The video goes to the very end of the production line and ends with the color T10Xs coming off the conveyor.

How advantageous is Togg compared to its competitors in the market?

How advantageous is Togg compared to its competitors in the market?

Is the base model of the domestic car Togg, with a price tag of 953 thousand TL, more advantageous than its other competitors? Here are the details…

Siro Energy company also quoted and shared Togg’s share. In their citation, “We are extremely proud to be an important part of Togg’s Mobility Ecosystem with our battery modules and packages that we develop and manufacture in Turkey.” they included the description. Siro Energy was established on September 27, 2021 in partnership with Togg and Farasis Energy.

What will be the other models of Togg?

Togg has announced the names of the other 4 models that it will produce in the coming period. Click here to read our news on the subject. The names of the other 4 models are as follows:

Togg Saloon C-segment Sedan 27 December 2019 2025 1-2. quarter Electric
Togg XCoupe C-segment XCoupe 29 October 2022 after 2026 Electric
Togg Compact SUV B-segment SUV Waiting by 2030 Electric
Togg MPV Waiting by 2030 Electric
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Togg price list

Togg T10X prices are as follows:

  • V1 RWD Standard Range: 953 thousand TL
  • V2 RWD Standard Range: 1 million 55 thousand TL
  • V2 RWD Long Range: 1 million 215 thousand TL

You Togg T10X price And what do you think about its features? Don’t forget to share your views with us in the comments! You can reach our related video by clicking the link below.

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