How are the discounted technology prices in Europe?

We buy technological products at high prices due to the dollar rate and taxation in our country. SDN editor Furkan Karaca looked at technology prices in Barcelona, ​​Spain. What about discounted technology prices in Europe?

How are the discounted technology prices in Europe?

The euro is used as the currency in Barcelona, ​​Spain. of 1 euro 19.52 TL We looked at all prices from the Apple iPhone 14 series to Huawei smartphones, from gaming equipment and peripherals to PlayStation 5 game consoles in the country of destination and compared them with our country.

According to the view we see in Spain prices, especially smart phones are sold at very affordable prices compared to Turkey. However, for some peripherals and other electronic products, these scissors are quite small.

However, due to the global chip crisis, there may also be a situation where some products are not available in Spain. In our video, it is also included in our video that those who want to buy iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch or other products from a European country such as Spain can buy them at a lower price compared to Turkey.

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