How and for what the Germans save

Save in time…

The Germans are not the savings world champions.

Dusseldorf Uncertain economic prospects, high inflation and the anxious question of how the war in Ukraine will continue – times have been better. At least the thought of having a few reserves in the account is reassuring. For many Germans, this can still be understood literally: a good half would deposit their money in a savings account with low interest if the question of capital investment came up. However, buying shares is gaining in importance, and only a third would be interested in cryptocurrencies.


Other countries have also recognized that saving is a virtue: almost every Indian family saves money and 80 percent of Canadians do so. And even in neighboring France, more people are saving than in Germany.


The nest egg has always proven its worth when unexpected expenses suddenly come your way. But money is also put aside for larger purchases and trips.


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