Hot Development: Tesla Balance Sheet Revealed, Did The Company Sell Its Bitcoins?

Elon Musk is CEO Tesla, It is one of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to crypto money.

Because it is known that the company that bought Bitcoin in the past will be the second company that holds the most Bitcoin, and the amount of BTC in its hands is 42,602 with an average of 31,000 – 32,000 dollars.

Although the company said and did that it would sell vehicles with Bitcoin in the past, it later abandoned this decision due to the energy consumption in BTC, causing BTC prices to crash.

Did The Company Sell Bitcoin?

Today, with the closing of the session in the US stock markets, the Tesla balance sheet was announced. The results are as follows:

  • Earnings Per Share: $2.54 (Expected $2.38)
  • Revenue: $17.71 billion (Expected $16.64 billion)

On the other hand, Bitcoin details on the balance sheet were curious. According to the balance sheet, the company has not made any Bitcoin sales or additional purchases.

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