Horizon Forbidden West’s Multiplayer Mode Leaked

It has been leaked that Horizon Forbidden West’s very early stage multiplayer mode is in development.

Forbidden West, the last game of Horizon, one of the game series that pushes the graphics card of PlayStation to its limits, was released about a year ago. According to new leaks, a multiplayer mode is also being developed for the game.

As of yesterday, in a rapidly growing post on Horizon’s official Reddit page, Horizon Forbidden West’s multiplayer mode in alpha stage development video and concept arts were shared.

The post was immediately removed by the game’s developer, Guerilla Games.

On the Reddit page, which you can access here, the alpha phase images of Horizon Forbidden West’s multiplayer mode, which were not shared to the public, were shared. Currently the page still exists but the images access is blocked.

It is still possible to access the video, but due to copyright issues, we cannot share it with you here. Apparently the developers where players can unite and fight against machines They were developing a co-op game mode.


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It is not clear what will happen to the mode, which is still at a very early stage, and no explanation has yet been received from the developers.

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