Honor Founded Its Own Chip Design Company

Honor has formed its own chip design company, joining Huawei, Xiaomi and Vivo after Oppo shut down its chip design unit.

Chinese phone maker Honor has announced that it has set up its own chip design company, taking the first big step after leaving its former owner Huawei. This move, Honor’s avoiding US sanctions and it is seen as a strategic step taken to increase its competitiveness.

name Shanghai Honor Intelligent Technology Development Co. The newly established company of Honor, 100 million yuan (295,853.147 TL) was established in Shanghai’s Lingang Free Trade Zone with capital. The company’s core businesses include chip design, sales, related services and artificial intelligence (AI) application software development.

How will Honor’s chip strategy be?

It is not yet clear how far Honor’s newly founded company will go in chip development. Honor’s CEO, Zhao Ming, said that the company’s chip strategy will be determined by specific requirements.

Whether they decide to develop in-house or collaborate with outside partners, Zhao said. stressed that their products will depend on their needs.


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Honor introduced the first self-developed radio frequency communication chip, the Honor C1, in March. This chip is in smartphones To improve 5G signals Collaboration with established suppliers such as Qualcomm and MediaTek for more complex chip designs seems inevitable. Regardless, the low-level competition in chip manufacturing had to increase. Therefore, Honor’s move may inflame the environment.

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