Honda Will Prevent Traffic Accidents With Its New Technology

Honda aims to implement its new technology introduced in partnership with Softbank. This new project aims to prevent possible accidents by communicating with pedestrians and cars.

Just on the day that the list of the world’s safest car brands was announced, Honda made a new statement about its innovative work in this field. Honda, which is among the brands most trusted by drivers, is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Japan. softbank It aims to prevent pedestrians and cars from having an accident by collaborating with the company.

For the first time in 2017 Announcing that they have entered into cooperation, Honda and Softbank will enable cars to communicate with each other and also with pedestrians, with the new technology they will use. Standalone 5G technology special core equipment and from base stations will be used. Same time ‘everything from vehicleenabling autonomous driving cellular V2X technology will be used. Currently, tests of the stand-alone 5G base station in Takasu town, Hokkaido province, Japan continue.

A warning will be sent to pedestrians’ mobile phones:

This technology, which is planned to be used, is classified in three different categories. The first of these ‘pedestrians visible to vehicles’ covers. If there is a risk of collision, a pedestrian entering the field of view of the camera located inside the cars directly to your mobile phone It gets a warning via 5G. In this way, it is ensured that the pedestrian is removed from the road before a collision occurs.

In the second category, cars pedestrians out of their field of vision covers. In cases where this happens between cars communication is being established. E.g; coming from the left lane for a pedestrian that he cannot see because of a vehicle, a nearby tree or any obstacle warned by a vehicle driving in the right lane. At the same time, a warning is sent to the pedestrian’s mobile phone.


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The third category is for one of the cars to be able to establish this communication. does not have the necessary technology covers situations. If we go from the previous example; The vehicle coming from the left lane cannot see the pedestrian and cannot communicate. In this case, the vehicle going from the right lane communicates with the pedestrian and sends a warning for the incoming vehicle. In this way, not only the car you are in, other cars crash with pedestrians gets blocked. Honda shared that they aim to popularize this technology before March 31, 2022.

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