Honda Announces 2022 Model Civic Si

Honda has officially announced the 2022 Civic Si, the sporty version of the Civic Sedan. The vehicle, which impresses with its design, technology and performance, will be launched in the coming months.

Japanese automobile giant Honda, the version of the Civic equipped with sporty elements, “Civic SiThe car, which attracts attention with its general appearance, will be released as a 2022 model. The vehicle, which impresses with its design, is not bad at all with its performance. Well, Honda’s renewed Civic Si model, What does it offer to the consumer??

To be frank, the Honda Civic Si is much more than the regular version. exciting. The vehicle, which comes across with LED headlights, has a bumper that makes it look more aggressive than the Civic Sedan. In addition, the front grille structure is quite different compared to the 2021 model Civic Sedan. When we look at the rear, we can see that the not very accepted headlights of the Honda Civic Sedan. has changed We see. This section has been designed more elegantly in the Si version.

Introducing the 2022 Honda Civic Si

2022 model Honda Civic Si, in interior design original version similar with. However, in order to make this special version more sporty, the engineers came to the fore in red. fabric seats they chose to use. These red details also welcome us on the front panel and doors. Embedded in the console in the Civic Sedan multimedia system, on the Civic Si it is placed right above the console. The 9-inch multimedia screen also supports wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The company also in this version Bose brand with subwoofer using my custom sound system.

Honda Civic

Looking inside the hood, we see that the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine gives life to the Civic Si. The power produced by this gasoline engine 200 hp. In the previous version of the Civic Si, Honda used a more powerful engine that could produce 205 power. This time, however, the dream is difficult. Engineers state that the difference is closed with torque, and high performance is not compromised. When we come to the gearbox section 6 speed manual no other option is offered. Carrying out a special study to make the gear change feel better, Honda has shortened the gear path by 10 percent.

2022 Honda Civic

Honda’s new vehicle, announced at the event, will be presented to consumers in the coming months. However, for now, the company price related He didn’t choose to give any explanation.


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Honda Civic


Honda Civic

Honda Civic

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