History’s Oldest Fire Discovered

Scientists announced that they found traces of the oldest fire ever discovered, together with their new research. The data also shed light on what the Earth was like hundreds of millions of years ago.

Fires, which have always been a danger factor throughout human history, also occurred millions of years before human life. Alright, when and where was the first fire in history appeared? A new study published in the journal Geology has revealed a new discovery that may answer this question.

Scientists examining coal beds in Wales and Poland found evidence of the oldest fire ever detected. Approximately 430 million years old The coal deposits, which were determined to be found to be present, also provided important clues about what the Earth was like 430 million years ago.

The fire occurred in short plants:

  • One of the samples obtained in the research

During that period, which coincided with the Silurian period, plant life was heavily dependent on water to thrive. It’s quite inquisitive to stumble upon plant life in parts of the Earth that are dehydrated for most of the year. The fire, traces of which were found in the new research, is almost on fairly short plants about the size of the ankle reported to have occurred.


  • Depiction of the Prototaxites species

According to scientists, the earth in the area where the fire occurred was covered with the ancient mushroom ‘Prototaxites’ rather than trees. Although there is no information about this species in the scientific world yet, It can extend up to 9 meters. believed shared. In addition, important data about the oxygen level in the world were also included. The oxygen rate, which is 21% in the atmosphere today, was 16% at that time, according to the data obtained from the coal beds.

Time of oldest fire in history with newly discovered fire regressed by 10 million years.


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