Historical statement from Boston Dynamics! Are the robots armed?

In recent years artificial intelligence and robotics important work in the field. Boston Dynamics Various manufacturers lead the way in this sector, and as of today, they produce advanced robots that almost resemble science fiction movies.

Of course, when we see such robots and their developments, the thought that they can pose a great danger to humanity if they are armed in some way or get out of control. Shortly before Boston Dynamics especially six robotics The engineering company has published an open letter critical of arming robots. Here are the details!

Boston Dynamics promises not to arm its robots

Today artificial intelligence and robotics huge areas of development an indisputable fact. Especially from the USA Boston Dynamics of the firm Atlas and Spot Robots like this are the biggest indicator of this situation. For the reasons we have mentioned above, there are always question marks in mind, such as if they get out of control or get armed.

Following the increasing concerns about this issue, a report was signed by Boston Dynamics, Agility Robotics, ANYbotics, Clearpath Robotics, Open Robotics and Unitree Robotics. open letter It was published.

The new stop of Boston Dynamics robot Spot is Tüpraş

The new stop of Boston Dynamics robot Spot is Tüpraş

Spot, the smart robot of Boston Dynamics, started to work at Tüpraş by adding a new one to its different business areas.

The companies in question promise that the robots they produce will never be armed, and they clearly warn users to show the same understanding. In the letter, statements such as:

Spot and other advanced mobile robots are incredible tools that can keep people safe and enrich our lives. Not only are these robots more capable in a wide variety of environments than previous generations, they are also more accessible, more adaptable and easier to use. We believe that advanced mobile robots will bring tremendous benefits to society. However, in recent months some people have shattered public trust in this technology with makeshift efforts to weaponize commercially available robots.

Adding weapons to robots that are open to the public and can move around where people live and work brings with it both serious risks of harm and unethical situations. In response, we led a coalition of six companies and industry leaders spanning three continents, pledging not to weaponize our robots or the software that enables them to be used.

The next generation of robots will work among and with us closer and smarter than before. We understand that this rapidly advancing technology raises new concerns about the possibility of misuse. In addition to opposing weaponization, we unequivocally prohibit any use of our robots that would violate privacy and civil rights laws.

The companies that signed the letter also requested extra understanding from users who abused this situation. However, it would be delusional to expect this request to be fully answered in 2022, when there is even an ongoing war.

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