Historical Increase Expected for Gasoline, Diesel and LPG

The appreciation of the dollar by around 2 TL in one day created an expectation for an increase in fuel prices. According to the statements from industry sources, this expectation will come true as of midnight tonight. There will be an unprecedented increase in gasoline, diesel and LPG.

November 23, 2021 was a day that went down in the history of Turkey. Because the Turkish lira lost value in an unbelievable way. In just 24 hours 2 TL more valued dollarreached its highest level to date of 13.50. The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, on the events He did an explanation. However, what has happened has happened and as of now, it is necessary to prepare for new hikes…

The latest information from industry sources, on the fuel hike your expectations will happen makes you think. Some sources speaking to Sözcü; They said that there will be a historical increase in gasoline, diesel and LPG. if Energy Market Regulatory Authority If EMRA does not decide to block the price hikes, the new prices will come into effect as of midnight tonight.

Gasoline 1 lira 1 cent, diesel 1 lira 5 cents, LPG 65 cents hike

According to the information obtained from industry sources, gasoline 1 lira 1 cent, diesel 1 lira 5 cents and LPG. 65 cents the raise will come. The hikes that will be reflected in the pump will raise fuel prices to levels they have never reached before. The decision on the hike is expected to be officially announced during the day.

How are fuel prices today?

Istanbul European side When we look at the fuel prices, we see that the liter of gasoline is 8.65 TL, the liter of diesel is 8.69 TL, and the liter of LPG is 7.60 TL. In case of reflection of the raises on the pump;

  • gasoline 9.66 TL,
  • diesel 9.74 TL,
  • LPG is 8.25 TL

can be purchased in return.

Note: Due to the freedom of the market, the prices may vary by a few cents depending on the city you are in and the brand you prefer.


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