Historic Discovery in Egypt: Could Be the Oldest Mummy

Egyptian archaeologists have announced that they may have found the oldest mummy ever discovered in its territory. Moreover, the mummy was very well preserved.

The custom of mummification, which was widely practiced especially during the Ancient Egypt period, brought the bodies of that period to the present day. Today, another very important discovery about mummies has been announced.

Egyptian archaeologists near the capital Cairo a tomb of the pharaoh discovered. The mummy found in the tomb is the oldest mummy ever discovered in Egypt. may be announced.

The mummy is 4,300 years old, according to preliminary estimates.

In the studies carried out, the age of the mummy was determined to be approximately 4,300 years. The mummy was found near the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, near tombs belonging to the fifth and sixth dynasties of the Old Kingdom.

The mummy “HekashepesIt was shared that it belongs to a man named ”. Mummy, gold leaf plating It was in a sarcophagus made of limestone.

Shocked not only by its antiquity, but also by its integrity:


Zahi Hawass, the leader of the team that made the discovery, said that the mummy was discovered in Egypt so far. may be the best preserved mummy also stated.

Not only was this mummy found in the area:

The team found the mummy of Hekashepes, as well as an investigator under the direction of Unas. of Khnumdjedef“guardian of secrets and assistant to the great leader of the palace” Meri’s and priest of Pepi I administration of Fetek found their graves.

In Fetek’s tomb, the largest statues ever discovered in the Memphis region, where the discovery was made, were also found. Figurines representing a man and woman and their servants were also discovered in other tombs.


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