His heart is in VfB, but: Mislintat doesn’t want to lose power | Sports

Does he stay? Is he going? And if so, does it leave immediately?

The decision about the future of VfB sports director Sven Mislintat (50) is approaching. On Thursday there was the first conversation between him and Stuttgart’s CEO Alexander Wehrle (47). And even if, according to BILD information, no final decision has yet been made, there are some arguments against Mislintat extending his contract, which expires in June 2023.

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The signs: New boss Wehrle took half a year to analyze and evaluate the work of the sports director. He can imagine further cooperation. But not under the current conditions.

Mislintat, who was passed over by Wehrle in September when Khedira, Lahm and Gentner were brought back, can imagine a sequel despite the tense relationship with Wehrle and the non-relationship with President Claus Vogt. His heart is in VfB. His family feels very comfortable in Stuttgart.

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But he would only stay if he got a contract comparable to that of the extension in December 2020. He is not primarily concerned with a good salary (currently estimated at 800,000 euros/year), but above all with his area of ​​expertise .

The current contract includes a clause granting Mislintat powers as a sports director. If, for example, a decision is made in the sports sector without his consent and without his signature, he can terminate the contract immediately, with continued payment of wages until the end of the contract.

Wehrle will probably not allow him these privileges, Mislintat does not want to lose power. And compromise solutions contradict his nature.

“Stubborn and stubborn” – that’s how ex-VfB boss Thomas Hitzlsperger described him after tough negotiations in December 2020…

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