Hillary Clinton Urges Biden Administration to Regulate Cryptocurrencies

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that cryptocurrencies should be regulated and urged the Biden administration to take action in this direction.

Addressing the risks posed by social media and cryptocurrencies during her interview yesterday, Clinton said, “Just as the industrial period at the beginning of the last century [uygun] We had to have rules, and we need to have rules for the information era because our current rules are not good enough for what we are facing.” said.

via cryptocurrencies “large amounts of money have been collected” Stating that, Clinton said that crypto money networks are being used by various parties. for manipulative purposes warned against its use.

“Not only does he see that China, Russia and other states are manipulating all kinds of technology for their own interests; parties that do not act on behalf of the state, whether in cooperation with states or on their own. destabilizes states, destabilizes the reserve currency status of the dollar We see.”

Hillary Clinton, Biden administration must address “too many question marks” and to do it “They don’t have much time” added.

Image: Hillary Clinton, LBJ, image modified by Koin Bulletin https://flic.kr/p/2cTuYq2

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