Highlights in the Cryptocurrency Market Last Week

Last week, the crypto money world was active again. We have gathered the most remarkable events of the past week under one heading for you.

We have seen very important statements and events in the crypto money world last week. We have also passed in this content. The most read, spoken and top crypto news we brought together. Over the past week, the cryptocurrency world showed itself with the following news:

Top crypto news of the past week:

Binance Turkey Allegedly Evaporates $240 Thousand Within Minutes

A citizen named Beşir B. claimed that 240 thousand dollars of money he sent to Binance Turkey was steam.

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Bitcoin Becomes the Official Currency of a State for the First Time


El Salvador, which has been preparing to accept Bitcoin as the official currency for a while, officially started its new financial period as of this week.

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Worldwide ‘Buy $30 Bitcoin’ Call Launched: Here are the Results


After El Salvador became the first country to accept Bitcoin as its official currency, the cryptocurrency communities on Reddit started to move. With the acceptance of El Salvador, the call to ‘buy $30 Bitcoin’ received support from both famous investors and the crypto community on Reddit.

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Protests Have Started From Day One In El Salvador, Which Has Declared Bitcoin As Its Official Currency [Video]

el salvador

Bitcoin, which fell sharply after El Salvador began to recognize it as its official currency, caused protests across the country. The opposition argued that the decision was a mistake and that this mistake cost El Salvador 3 million dollars.

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