Hidden iPhone feature that improves sound quality!

Many iPhone, iPad and Mac users are aware that the sound quality is much better when they make calls via FaceTime than WhatsApp and regular network. However, it is possible to increase normal calls to this level thanks to a hidden iPhone feature that improves the sound quality.

Hidden iPhone feature: Soundproofing!

The secret iPhone feature, which many users are not even aware of, is called Voice Isolation. All devices running iOS 15, iPadOS 15, or macOS Monterey and above (everything that supports Spatial Sound seems to also support Sound Isolation.) can use this feature.

iPhone 14’s release date has been announced!

The introduction date of the iPhone 14, which Apple fans are eagerly waiting for, has been announced. Here is the date of the Apple September Event in 2022

Of course, it is a bit difficult to find and activate this feature by searching within the device. Because Apple received a lot of criticism last year for putting some important settings in unusual places. But we will tell you how to activate it.

  • First, you need to be in a conversation to turn this setting on.
  • Then swipe down from the top right of the screen to access the Control Center.
  • Then click the Mic Mode button on the top right.
  • Standard will appear as selected.
  • Here, if you choose the Voice Isolation feature, it will cut all the noise around you and transfer your voice more clearly and loudly.
  • But if you choose the Wide Spectrum feature, on the contrary, it will focus more on the outside sound. In this way, you can announce to the other party what is happening around you in environments such as meetings or concerts.

However, for standard phone calls, it will be sufficient to select the Sound Isolation feature. Because from the moment you press this button, the person in front of you will understand that your sound quality has suddenly increased. However, it should be noted that it still does not work in every application and meeting.

Especially if you are an iPhone user, it can work integrated with many applications from Instagram to Snapchat. However, it should be noted that iPadOS and MacOS are not yet supported at the same rate. However, basic applications such as FaceTime and Zoom provide smooth results on every platform.

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