Here are the Top Selling Car Models in Different Countries

The map by Budget Direct showed which car model is popular in almost every country around the world. Turkey’s most popular car model was Fiat Egea.

The auto industry, which continues to rise rapidly, is struggling with the chip crisis barrier it has been stuck in in recent months. Although we, as consumers, buy cars according to our own needs, the region we live in and the culture we live in are also important. about which car we prefer. It can be a hidden factor.

A study revealing this difference was done by Budget Direct. By BestSellingCarsBlog Based on 2019 data The research showed which automaker and model is popular in each country. There were also some important results that emerged.

Which country prefers which car model the most?

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Last week, we shared with you the best-selling Fiat cars worldwide. In this data, among the most popular models of Fiat, Fiat Egeawas in third place. Egea was the most preferred Fiat model in Turkey. This research also showed that Fiat Egea is not only the most popular Fiat model in Turkey, but also the most popular model in general.

When we look at the three leading countries of the world, it is the most popular model in the USA. Ford F-150 we see that. The most popular model in Russia Lada Granta While China’s most popular model is known as China’s Passat Volkswagen Lavida.


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Other important results from the chart are as follows:

  • toyota, in 41 different countries It is the top selling car brand. This makes it the most popular automaker.
  • Toyota Hilux, in 16 different countries It is the most popular car model.
  • most in the world sedan type car is preferred van, third place SUV type cars.

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