Here are Apple’s new and old prices!

Apple has renewed the price of all smartphones, computers, tablets and other accessories and hardware in our country with the current dollar rate. Especially the astronomical increase in the prices of iPhones did not escape attention. Well, Apple introduced the iPhone 13 family on September 14. how much money did he get? Here is the answer!

Prices for new and old iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch and AirPods

On September 14th, at the event where Apple introduced the classic new iPhone models. iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max output. These devices were almost affordable with their prices when they first came out. The entire iPhone 13 family went on general sale as of October 1. Alright What were the initial sale prices (September 14th)?
128GB 256GB 512GB 1TB
iPhone 13 mini 10,099 TL 11,999 TL 13.999 TL
iPhone 13 11,999 TL 12.999 TL 14,599 TL
iPhone 13 Pro 15.999 TL 16.999 TL 18.999 TL 20.999 TL
iPhone 13 Pro Max 17.999 TL 18.999 TL 20.999 TL 22.999 TL

After almost two and a half months, the newly announced prices on November 26 (today) are as follows:

128GB 256GB 512GB 1TB
iPhone 13 mini 13.999 TL 15.999 TL 17.999 TL
iPhone 13 14.999 TL 16,199 TL 18,599 TL
iPhone 13 Pro 19.999 TL 21,199 TL 23.999 TL 25.999 TL
iPhone 13 Pro Max 22.999 TL 24,199 TL 26,599 TL 28.999 TL

If we need to explain these two tables, iPhone 13 mini 128GB model fully compared to its old price. 27.28 percent (3,000 TL) was timed. Standard iPhone 13 model compared to the old 25 percent (3,000 TL) rate increased. The situation in the professional segment of the series is iPhone 13 Pro‘in 25 percent (4,000 TL), iPhone 13 Pro Maxpercent in 27.78 (5.000 TL) appears as.

While the situation in iPad, MacBook and other technological products was similar, surprise changes were also experienced in accessories. For example, the Polishing cloth announced after Apple’s Unleashed event, 199 TL in our countryIt was on sale from. Price with today’s update It increased by 25.13 percent to 249 TL.

AirPods, which are preferred by many people, especially those who use the Apple ecosystem, have been seriously increased. New AirPods 3, percent 25.01 by increasing for 2,499 TL, if AirPods Pro 24.18 percent by increasing 3,599 TL‘ye is out.

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