Here are 5 Altcoins to Note for October and Detailed Review

Cryptocurrency markets continue to fluctuate in price movements, as we have reported as However, investors are looking for potential altcoin projects to follow. Here are the 5 altcoins you should follow in October and their detailed reviews…

Altcoin at the top of the list: (BUY)

  • Unit Price: $0.0136
  • Market Cap: $4,559,821
  • Distinctive Features: Real-time delivery information can be easily accessed by businesses and consumers for tracking purposes. is a decentralized e-commerce platform operating in 50 states for the past four years. Also, at the macro level, it is a hyper-local micro-distribution network that meets the last mile. However, is a cutting-edge technology company with decentralized blockchain solutions. Thus, it carries logistics and e-commerce to the future for consumers and companies. To provide a protected and secure audit trail, the platform provides a digital ledger-based solution that acts as a fraud-proof mechanism and automatically validates transactions. It is the world’s first decentralized e-commerce platform focused on sourcing logistics and ultra-local last-mile delivery.

Glitch Protocol (GLCH)

  • Unit Price: $0.07004
  • Market Cap: GLCH
  • Distinctive Features: For dApps to work more effectively, Glitch will implement token wrap bridges. This will help Glitch achieve its long-term goal of becoming a vital component of blockchain infrastructure.

GLITCH is a DeFi-specific protocol that is fast, functional, and independent of any blockchain. GLITCH isn’t trying to be a “jack of all use cases”. Instead, it focuses on decentralized financial practices and risk money markets. Through a new revenue sharing model, GLITCH addresses the costly fee structure of competing blockchain platforms. It also rewards all ecosystem participants and secures low network fees. With industry-leading transaction speeds and sub-second block time latency, GLITCH delivers a minimum of 3,000 TPS that rises with network expansion.

3. Altcoin on the list: Cellframe (CELL)

Unit Price: $0.261
Market Cap: $7,468,727
Distinctive Features: Conditional operations, multi-sided computations and double-layer sharding are implemented explicitly in Cellframe Network. This ensures seamless interoperability and fast, low-cost transactions, all protected by built-in quantum security measures.


A scalable, open-source, next-generation platform called the Cellframe Network is used to create or connect blockchains and services protected by post-quantum encryption. Cellframe provides a platform where businesses and developers can build a wide variety of products, from basic low-level t-dApps to completely different blockchains on top of the Cellframe Network. Based on a unique shredding application, Cellframe provides extremely high throughput. In addition, the system is protected from hacking by quantum computers thanks to post-quantum cryptography.

Yield App (YLD)

Unit Price: $0.0925
Market Cap: $16,927,576
Distinctive Features: Simply put, it offers a digital wealth platform that connects centralized and decentralized finance.

Users eliminate the need for YIELD’s time-consuming, complex and often expensive learning process. However, it can benefit significantly from DeFi products thanks to its user-friendly application and web platform. Operating under a banking license, YIELD provides an insured mutual fund managed by a group with extensive FinTech and cybersecurity knowledge. The YLD token, which rewards community members and enables them to increase their APY, is at the heart of his strategy.

Altcoin at the end of the list: Freeway (FWT)

Unit Price: $0.00777
Market Cap: $77,635,293
Distinctive Features: Freeway originally had a simple concept to improve the financial experience for everyone.


Superchargers for the Freeway platform are virtual simulations that can only be used there. Thus, prizes are awarded based on best efforts and may be changed or terminated at any time. Rewards in the amount purchased by Supercharger simulation users are added to their account balances daily. In addition, users do not benefit from purchase or exit fees. That means more rewards for them. So they can earn Annual Rewards of up to 43 percent with rewards added daily. The fast-growing Freeway universe has a pure utility altcoin project called the Freeway Token (FWT). Having FWT on the Freeway platform allows you to earn additional rewards on Freeway products.

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