Hepsiburada Shares Lost Nearly 10% in Value

Hepsiburada, which was offered to the public with a price of 12 dollars per share on the NASDAQ stock exchange in July, experienced a 9% decrease in its shares despite the statement it made yesterday. The company’s total value, on the other hand, has fallen more than four times from the first day it was listed on the NASDAQ.

Hepsiburada, which entered the NASDAQ stock market, where the world’s largest technology companies are located in the past months, shared its third quarter financial results yesterday. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the company Reached 6.5 billion TL with an increase of 49.8%. announced. It was stated that the number of orders placed on the platform increased by 71.5% compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 13.8 million.

In the results shared by Hepsiburada, the number of active customers is calculated on an annual basis. up 26% 10.7 million, the number of products up 107% 77 million and order frequency per customer up 21% Although it has announced that it has risen to 4.4, the decline in its shares has still not been stopped. After the announcement of these results, Hepsiburada It lost more than 9% of its value.

The shares of Hepsiburada, which was offered to the public for $ 12, decreased to $ 2.85:

Listed on the stock exchange with the abbreviation HEPS, Hepsiburada was released on NASDAQ on July 1, 2021. at $12 per share was offered to the public. The value of the company, which entered the stock market with a market value of 4 billion dollars, unfortunately continues to decline since its opening day. The value per share of Hepsiburada, after last night’s financial results It closed the day with 2.85, down 9.81%.

Listed on the NASDAQ with a market cap of $4 billion The market value of the company fell below $ 1 billion with the drop last night. The market value of Hepsiburada, closing the day At $929.1 million performed. A person who bought Hepsiburada stock on the first day in NASDAQ damage done exceeding 3 out of 4 rose to 76.24%.

In the past months, an investigation was launched:

With Hepsiburada’s per-share value falling to $8.97 in recent months, two law firms in the US are trying to protect their investors. He opened an investigation against Hepsiburada.


An Investigation Opened in the USA against Hepsiburada, which increased its sales by 38%

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