He Doubled His Money In These Altcoin Projects: Then He Quit His Job!

One mom went from a salary of $4,000 to $85,000 per transaction by investing in early-stage altcoin projects. He explains how he got started and shares his advice with beginners. Brenda Gentry started investing in crypto in March 2020 after the market crashed. He quit his job in 2021 and focused full time on crypto with his daughters. He earns most of his income by investing in early altcoin projects and consulting on crypto and NFT projects. we too cryptocoin.com We have prepared this crypto story for our readers.

How did he meet cryptocurrencies?

Brenda Gentry has spent her career as a mortgage insurer with the USAA, where she spent the last 11 years. In 2020, he decided to leave his traditional job to invest in crypto full-time. Today, he owns a crypto and NFT consulting firm called Gentry Media Productions, which, along with his daughters Cynthia and Imani, markets new gaming-focused NFT and crypto projects.

She is known on Twitter by the username CryptoMom. The transition from a traditional career to crypto did not happen overnight. He first heard of Bitcoin in 2009, when it was created, but never saw it as a serious investment asset. The 2020 crash changed his perception. After witnessing how quickly the market was falling and how people were influencing it, he realized he had nothing to lose by investing some money in Ethereum and Bitcoin. Brenda Gentry says:

It opened my eyes. And I decided that I should take matters into my own hands. So yes, I invested heavily in crypto last year when the market crashed.

How did he decide to change his career?

Meanwhile, both of Brenda Gentry’s daughters are already involved in crypto communities and DAOs, which are organizations governed by transparent and coded rules from a decentralized community. Brenda Gentry has started joining some of these communities, specifically through their Telegram groups. It was then that he witnessed several young investors become millionaires by buying altcoins from early projects.

And he was not alone. In the midst of the pandemic, many non-professional traders noticed these enormous gains and became interested in cryptocurrencies. Some have dipped their toes in the crypto ocean by speculating with small amounts or stimulus cash. Others, like Brenda Gentry, have switched careers to capitalize on the growing interest in the asset class.


Brenda Gentry has slowly started investing some of her salary in certain altcoin projects and has also made huge gains. Regardless, he kept his day job at the USAA for over a year and a half while continuing to invest. Brenda Gentry says:

I had a fixed salary and I like comfort. It was very hard for me to tell my brain ‘okay, you can do this full time’. Because once you get used to a fortnightly (paycheck) it’s really hard to convince yourself. I said ok, I’m just going to trade crypto.

Which altcoin projects does he prefer to invest in?

Deciding to invest in very early stage projects also involved a high amount of risk and he was aware of this. Focusing on projects she sees as transparent teams and strong foundations, Brenda Gentry explains:

I think my banking background has a lot to do with it. We do a lot of due diligence and I’ve never been strict.

In the first quarter of 2021, he started to invest in larger numbers as he felt more comfortable in the sector. His first big success came after he bought an altcoin project called Bundles Finance (BUND). Over a two-month period starting in December 2020, the crypto traded between $1.53 and $4, while skyrocketing to over $41 in April 2021, yielding nearly 2,000% returns.


He quit his 9-5 job when he realized he had a steady monthly income stream. Although Brenda Gentry transfers her earnings to Tether (USDT), a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, she prefers to receive payments in ETH. He admits that at first, the transition from fiat to ETH was difficult for him to lay his mind on. Today, however, he prefers to hold on to crypto and watch it potentially double as the dollar’s purchasing power suffers from inflation. Brenda Gentry says:

I saw Etherum rise from $300 to $2,600, from 3,000 to 4,000. Why would I want to be paid in USDT? Okay, give me $30,000, but tomorrow it’ll still be $30,000, whereas if you get me $30,000 tomorrow it could be $40,000. And it might go down, but I’m okay with volatility because I know it can go up too.

What advice does he give to those considering trading Bitcoin and altcoins?

Brenda Gentry is a risk taker and admits her approach may not be for everyone. He says his investment in his business hasn’t come close to the gains he’s seen in crypto over the past 11 years, and he thinks adding another 20 years to his business will likely yield the same returns. Now, he regularly bets on new projects while consulting on crypto. Brenda Gentry warns that for others considering following in her footsteps, there may be months when nothing is on the market, especially in a shop:

I would tell people with stable jobs to do it from the side. This should not be viewed as a full-time job for at least two to three years.

However, Brenda Gentry advises not to be afraid to take risks and find out what’s on the other side, and she says that the crypto trading job is better than staying in the comfort zone and living constantly from paycheck to paycheck.

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