HBO Max Suspends Its Plan to Come to Turkey!

It was revealed that HBO Max had stopped its activities in our country, after the allegations emerged the other day. According to the information shared in the special news of Variety today, Warner Bros. It was confirmed by the spokesperson that Turkey’s activities were stopped.

It was announced that HBO Max, one of the most popular content platforms in the world, will come to our country this year. Even the Turkey CEO of the platform to be obviouswas proving that HBO Max would be in our country soon.

In the past weeks, the first series that the platform will prepare specifically for our country, the emergence of Then, a claim that emerged days before the start of the broadcasting life of the platform shocked the fans of the platform in our country. According to the special news shared by Variety today, an official statement regarding the allegations came from Warner Bros.

HBO Max may not come to our country

According to the information given by Birsen Altuntaş, HBO Max, which recruits in our country and even started the construction of its first domestic projects, operates in several countries, including our country. It was alleged that he was suspended “indefinitely”. While it is not known why the platform made this decision, many names in the industry said that HBO Max “investment will not pay off.He thought he was withdrawing from countries.


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HBO Max confirms they are suspending activities

According to Variety’s report, Warner Bros. A Discovery spokesperson confirmed the allegations in a statement they made by contacting them. Warner Bros. spokesperson “As we continue to work on merging HBO Max and Discovery Plus under the Warner Bros. Discovery umbrella, we are reviewing our current content offerings for existing services. As part of this process, in addition to halting our original programming efforts for HBO Max in Northern and Central Europe, HBO We have decided to remove some limited programming from Max. Also We also stopped our development activities that started last year in the Netherlands and Turkey. said.

However, a specific time frame was not mentioned for the activities to continue actively. However, Warner Bros. spokesperson did not take a pessimistic approach on this issue and “In these regions Warner Bros. commissioning Discovery studies and for use in our streaming services to purchase significant local third-party content we will continue” added his words.

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