Has E-Government Collapsed? Site Unreachable

E-Government’s mobile application and website are currently inaccessible.

in the past months hacking allegations E-Government, which came to the fore with the issue of E-Government, caused many users to worry about their data.

Currently, E-Government’s site cannot be accessed. with users who can access the site graphical interface is not loaded states.

Has e-Government collapsed?

As of now, users entering the site encounter an interface as you can see above. In addition, while many links are not opening, E-Government Errors are also observed in the mobile application.

The same problem is observed in Trendyol.

Users also state that Trendyol has a similar problem. As of now, the graphical interface of the popular shopping platform does not work, and users can access it from both the mobile application and the website. unable to take any action. If there is no statement from either E-Government or Trendyol about the subject, has not come yet.

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