Hard criticism from the meta expert to ChatGPT!

The chatbot that has been on the agenda of recent times ChatGPT, made a great impression. The chatbot is seen as one of the biggest artificial intelligence projects. But Meta’non’s chief artificial intelligence scientist Yann LeCunstated that he was not impressed by this project and made criticisms about ChatGPT.

LeCun: ChatGPT is nothing revolutionary

The release of ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence application developed by OpenAI, is seen as a turning point in the world of technology. However Meta’s artificial intelligence scientist Yann LeCundoes not have the same thoughts.

Yann LeCun attended a small meeting with the press and executives on Zoom last week. In this meeting, he criticized ChatGPT, one of the biggest projects of recent times. In these criticisms, he stated that the chatbot is not very different and impressive.

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ChatGPT’s paid plan is out! What is the price?

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At the meeting, the artificial intelligence scientist stated that ChatGPT is not particularly innovative in terms of basic technique. Moreover, “Even though it is perceived as such by the public, it is not something revolutionary. Just so you know, well put together and made.” used sentences.

LeCun’s words may sound unexpected, but the fact that Meta has its own artificial intelligence program and is making strong progress reveals the whole thing. In addition to these, artificial intelligence scientist, such data-driven AI systems He stated that it was created by many companies and research laboratories in the past.

Hard criticism from the meta expert to ChatGPT!

He also added that there are half a dozen startups with technology similar to this chatbot. “You should notice that ChatGPT uses pre-trained Transformer architectures with this self-checking method. Self-supervised learning is something I advocated for a long time, even before OpenAI existed.”

So, what do you think about ChatGPT? Do you think Yann LeCun is right in what he said about ChatGPT? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section!

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