Hannover 96: New competition! No space for Weydandt and Ennali – 2nd Bundesliga

The upheaval took a while.

Against St. Pauli, Jan Zimmermann (41) had his dream squad together for the first time. And at 1-0, Zimbo’s new Reds immediately showed that things are much better than on the first five match days with 17th place and 2:10 goals.

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Zimmermann now has more competition than ever!

The new ones convinced – nine out of ten were on the pitch. The substitutions also fit. Sebastian Kerk scored the winning goal. Sebastian Stolze, Luka Krajnc and Philipp Ochs helped with struggle and passion to bring the 1-0 over time.

Zimmermann built a new 96. He let his moody striker Marvin Ducksch move to Bremen for 3.5 million and prefers to sit down Combat striker Lukas Hinterseer.

He sent the overwhelmed talents Moussa Doumbouya, Jan-Erik Eichhorn and Grace Bokake to the U23, as well as the permanent patient Franck Evina.

The new professional squad consists of 27 players (including three goalkeepers). Also means: seven are not there on the day of the game. Shooting star Lolo Ennali and Patrick Twumasi, whom 96 still wants to get rid of, got hit against St. Pauli.

Zimmermann: “We now have options. There is competition, that is important. I told the guys that I have to make tough decisions. The way into the team leads through good training performance. “

Fairytale striker Hendrik Weydandt, still in the starting line-up against Darmstadt, stewed on the bench for 90 minutes.

“That was definitely tough for Henne,” says Zimmermann. The training squabble (BILD reported) played no role: “That is no longer an issue. We have seen situations like this before. ”The coach and striker worked together in Egestorf and have a close relationship.

Lolo Ennali was hit even harder than Weydandt. The offensive talent was not even nominated for the squad by Zimmermann. “He has to keep offering himself,” says the trainer.

On the wings he bet on Maxi Beier, Linton Maina and the most recently injured Stolze as joker against St. Pauli – with success.

When the Corona cases Tom Trybull and Valmir Sulejmani return, the slashing and stabbing for one place in the squad will be even bigger.

But it is well known that competition stimulates business.