Haldensleben: Escaped strangler snake discovered after 7 weeks | Regional

Haldensleben (Saxony-Anhalt) – Choking is out of the question at the moment. But at least: She is alive! Seven months after a strangler snake escaped in Haldensleben, the reticulated python has now been discovered in a cellar!

A woman found the completely emaciated animal on Friday afternoon. His condition was “very bad”, announced the fire brigade on Saturday. The three-meter-long python was caught by the comrades, packed in a blue bin and taken to a snake farm in the Harz Mountains. There the snake is now being nursed back up.

The fire brigade caught the emaciated python

Photo: City of Haldensleben

The three-meter-long python escaped its owner on July 24th. Since then, the police and fire brigade have started several searches. Dog and cat owners were asked not to leave their animals unattended outside.

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Meanwhile, the snake investigators combed neighboring fields and watercourses, looking in houses and cellars. The basement in which the reptile has now been discovered has also been searched. It is unclear whether the python was overlooked at the time or whether it later crept into the cellar.

It seems certain: The decision to crawl into the relatively warm shed probably saved the python’s life. Experts had suspected that the cold-blooded snake (actually lives in the tropics) could not survive permanently on cooler nights. The search was then already stopped in August and the snake was declared dead. Wrongly!

Teaser picture

The python was packed in a barrel and taken to a snake farm

Photo: City of Haldensleben