Hackers Hacking Yemeksepeti Make a Statement

Hackers who cyber-attacked Yemeksepeti and seized user data, said that they had the data of more than 20 million people.

Founded by Nevzat Aydın and sold to Delivery Hero, a food delivery company, in 2015. Food basket, has come to the fore many times before due to cyber attacks and data stealing. The latest attack has been on the agenda for a while due to its serious dimensions.

Yemeksepeti announced that hackers reached out to them about the latest attack and demanded a ransom, but found that there was no data leak. Stating that they have increased their security measures, the company was declared by the Personal Data Protection Authority (KVKK) and the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK) for not fulfilling its security responsibilities as a result of the investigations. 1 million TL fine can be charged.

More than 20 million people have their data

Although the company announced that there was no data leak, hackers who answered DW Turkish’s questions in writing More than 20 million people He said he had the data. Hackers tried to prove that they had the data by sharing the names, surnames, phone numbers, and open addresses of some of the most followed names and journalists, since their claims were denied. The hackers denied the allegations that they were Turkish or Chinese, stating that they were a Russia-based organization and would not share information about the group, and that they had members from different countries.

Stating that there is no special reason for them to choose Yemeksepeti, the hackers are the ones who have recently left their jobs. From Nevzat Aydın, CEO and Founder of Yemeksepeti They said that they wanted their request via e-mail, but they were surprised that Aydın did not pay. After the meeting, the hackers stated that Nevzat Aydın resigned, “Nevzat Aydın was the CEO of the company at the time we sent the mail. He resigned after our meeting. We also conveyed our demands to the new CEO, Mert Baki, but he did not take it seriously. Maybe Delivery Hero (the parent organization of Yemeksepeti) put pressure on them, we don’t know yet.” said.

Term will expire on November 22

Food basket

The hacking process a month ago The hackers, who conveyed information that it happened, communicated and reflected the issue to the public through some social media accounts. They also said that they found the company’s statement funny and that the company did not know how they had hacked the system. Hackers gave Yemeksepeti a week and It will end on November 22 If their wishes are not done within this period, they will publish the full addresses and phone numbers of the company employees.


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Some users on Twitter claimed that this data in the hands of hackers was obtained with a cyber attack against the Central Population Administration System (MERNIS) in 2016. But hackers Up to date as of November stated. In order not to share this information, the pirates ransom 5 Bitcoin, that is, with its present value. 3 million TL they want. They stated that if the company does not comply with their demands, they will contact other buyers who pay this ransom, and if this does not happen, they will sell the data to the highest bidder.

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