Günther Jauch crashes in TV show – TV

What a commotion on the live show “Because they don’t know what’s going to happen”!

Unlike last week, Günther Jauch (65) competed this time in a team with Barbara Schöneberger (47) and Thomas Gottschalk (71) to play against eight prominent professionals who were hidden behind appropriate masks.

Frau Schöneberger already had a premonition: “The pumpkin head, that’s Nelson. Up there is Rúrik Gíslason. And that, I would say, I hope that is Beatrice Egli. “

Also behind one of the masks: Biathlete Evi Sachsenbacher-Stehle (40). A course had to be completed against them in game 7 “Ballathlon”: In each round, water balls had to be shot from the table with syringes, while fins were carried.

The studio floor was correspondingly slippery – and Jauch was fatal!

In a curve he slipped, hit the ground, and hit his head. Employees immediately rushed to his aid and helped the moderator, who was visibly shocked: “Children!” Barbara Schöneberger let out a startled: “Shit!”

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In spite of everything, Jauch brought the game to an end and was even able to joke: “Look how smooth this back of the head is now!” Thomas Gottschalk even sensed a social media hit: “It goes viral. The fall goes viral. “

The fall in the video:

A short time later Jauch was still in pain, but not in the head. He examined his finger and said, “I suffered a hand injury. That’s where the wound is, and here it’s turning blue. That has an aftermath. That is to be taken seriously! “

Ms. Schöneberger also examined the injury professionally: “That’s a cut!” Gottschalk even offered to take over the show: “Do you want to call a lawyer? Then I’ll keep going for so long. ”

Jauch mentally counted his compensation for pain and suffering: “In America that would be 25 million, about.”

At the next game, however, Jauch was able to relax on a horizontal bar again, the pain was forgotten. But he still had to suffer.

In the final game classic “Die Wand” against ninja warrior Stefanie Noppinger (28) he got stuck and groaned: “I’m more likely to be crushed than to fall out of here. I’m sitting here like a monkey on the grindstone and you like the fifth daiquiri. “

At 00:52, the game was over for the prominent opponent team: Stefanie Noppinger had to let go after a nerve-wracking final. With this, Günther Jauch, Barbara Schöneberger and Thomas Gottschalk earned 250 euros for each viewer in their audience block.