GTA Movie Starring Eminem Has Been Rejected

One of the closest friends of the founders of Rockstar Games shared that a proposal was made for a ‘GTA movie’ in the past. However, this offer was rejected by the company’s founders and creators of the GTA series, Sam and Dan House.

To date, many popular productions of the game world such as Uncharted, Hitman, Tekken and Assassin’s Creed adapted to the movie world. While the number of adaptations kept increasing, of course there was also the question in mind: Why hasn’t GTA been a movie yet?

The answer to this question has emerged today. Moreover, the answer was given directly on behalf of the founders of Rockstar, the developer company of GTA. According to the information shared, such a The project was already created, but rejected.

$5 million budget, starring Eminem, directed by Tony Scott. What else?

The name that voiced the possibility of GTA being a movie was Kirk Ewing, a close friend of Rockstar Games founders Sam and Dan Houser. Ewing shared some details of the film project on his podcast “Bugzy Malone’s Grandest Game”.

According to the information shared by Ewing, a Hollywood name called Ewing to make a GTA movie and made an offer. Moreover, this offer is the third game of the GTA series yet. After GTA III, that is, it was introduced in the early 2000s.

This unnamed Hollywood person is the world-renowned rap artist for the lead role in the movie. Eminem and director of Top Gun for its director Tony Scott suggested. These two names were signed in 2001 when the proposal was submitted. at the top of his world was located. In other words, the movie could have been a movie that would shake the whole world with only its names if it came out. The budget of the movie was also worth a fortune for that period: 5 million dollars.

But the offer was rejected:

dam sam houser

Ewing shared that he forwarded this proposal to Sam, which came to him by calling him at 4:00 in the night. Calling Sam, Ewing’s response was as follows:

“I am not interested.”

So why was the movie offer rejected?

Ewing shared that at this stage, Sam and Dan were aware that GTA was much more valuable as a game series than any movie of that period. So Sam and Dan actually saw the movie as really unnecessary for the series.


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