GTA 5 Players Created Queues to Get Vaccinated [Video]

Pfizer has partnered with Latin America’s largest server created for GTA Online. Within the scope of this cooperation, the players were encouraged to receive the COVID-19 vaccine with the vaccine centers added to the game. The centers on the server have received great attention.

Thanks to his work with BioNTech, he helped develop the coronavirus vaccine. Pfizerhas implemented a remarkable project in Brazil. Pfizer Brazil management made an agreement with Cidade Alta, known as Latin America’s largest server, created for the online mode of Grand Theft Auto 5, one of the most popular games in the world. GTA OnlineHe started to get them vaccinated in . The reason this is done is to predictably lead people to get the COVID-19 vaccine in the real world. encourage.

GTA Online players know; You can only play the game on official servers. customized servers You can also experience roleplay with Cidade Alta is a server in the second category. As part of the cooperation, the authorities who set up vaccination centers on this customizable server, give vaccines to the players who have been vaccinated. a private label gives. This tag, which can be affixed to the arm in the game, has become a force among the players on the server.

Here is a vaccine center on the server named Cidade Alta.

which can be connected via intermediary applications such as FIVEM. customized GTA 5 serversIt also allows players to become members of some professional groups. In this context; With the privatization works for Cidade Alta, healthcare professionals were also placed in the game. These players, who are responsible for shooting the vaccine, play other games like real life, who go to the vaccine center to get information about the vaccine. they inform. In this way, it is aimed to eliminate fears about the vaccine.

GTA Online

Vaccination activity on the private server for GTA Online is quite popular among players. became popular. Players who want to have the best Roleplay experience can go to these centers to get their vaccinations and start using the stickers created for their avatars in the game. Moreover, the authorities are trying to make the event reach more people. on social media They also started a campaign. As part of this campaign, the tagged avatars in the game are shared on real social media platforms.


Pfizer is now showing how incentives made through the GTA Online server are reflected in the real world. started to follow. Time will tell if people will be affected by the event being created on Latin America’s largest GTA Online server. According to data from Our World in Data, the Brazilian population 60.04 percentHe is fully vaccinated. The coming days will allow it to be understood whether the GTA Online campaign is working or not.


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A roleplay video showing the vaccine centers on the GTA Online server

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