Great Mobility in the Number of “Active Addresses” on the Ethereum Network

On-Chain data and analytics platform Santiment is investigating the reason for the massive increase in Ethereum active addresses.

Santiment posted on Twitter on Tuesday, July 28. in sharingdrew attention to the active address mobility taking place in Ethereum. In the shared post, the analytics platform showed a sudden increase in the number of daily active addresses on Ethereum. reached 1.06 million and 48% above its 2018 high. told.

Santiment also stated that he is investigating the reason for this sudden rise in Ethereum. Active address refers to the addresses that have made transactions in the last 24 hours. to 1.06 million It returned to its previous levels one day after reaching It was calculated as 532 thousand.

An official of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, who made a statement on the subject, thinks that this increase is due to the increase in token transfer per transaction fee rather than adoption.

According to CoinMarketCap data, in the last 24-hour period 11% rise living Ethereum, from $1618 is being traded.

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