Grayscale Rejects Evidence of Reserves: But Details of Bitcoin (BTC) Fund Revealed

Grayscale, one of the world’s largest crypto investment companies, refused to disclose its reserves, citing possible security vulnerabilities.

grayscale 18 November In the statement he shared on his official website on , he stated that after the latest developments in the crypto money market, investors are investigating their investments in more depth. On the other hand, the proof-of-reserve movement, which many exchanges have recently participated in, security vulnerabilities announced that he would not participate.

Although the company disagreed with the proof of reserve, it said in a statement that all of Grayscale’s assets were processed in past public files and independent auditors stated that it was inspected by Stating that each investment product has a separate legal personality and diversified products are in the status of limited company, Grayscale is the custody partner. Coinbase Custody digital assets held in agreement with loan, borrow or otherwise mortgage He also stated that he was banned.

Stating that the products are audited according to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), the company said, Digital Currency Group, Genesis or any other Grayscale-related institution as well as yellow At Coinbase Custody on Grayscale assets stored in not having the power to dispose underlined. In the company statements, the independent audit report of some of its products was also presented to the public for evaluation. Each product has its own underlying asset their counterparts separately that it is preserved details were included.

On the other hand, the Twitter account that conducts crypto money research ErgoBTC, Based on historical data, Grayscale’s Bitcoin (BTC) fund “Grayscale Bitcoin Trust” (GBTC) considered to belong to the 432 storage revealed his address. Addresses in total 317,705 BTC information contained. ErgoBTC, remaining of 315,000 BTC He stated that it may take some time to find out, but they hope that their study will help other researchers in this regard. This study for the sake of transparency underlined that.

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