Graduation good news for mukhtars who participated in ABB’s computer training!

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality completed the basic computer trainings it started for the headmen working in the central and surrounding districts of the Capital. After Polatlı and Sincan, which were selected as the pilot regions, the headmen who received computer training in Çubuk and Akyurt districts were given their participation certificates by Önder Yanmaz, Head of the Office of the Head of the District Office. Here are the details…

Latest situation in Bursa high speed train line

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure announced that the tunneling works in the Bursa high-speed train line construction continue rapidly.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has completed its two-month headman training!

Free computer training was provided to 50 mukhtars, two days a week for two months, within the scope of the “Let There Be No Headman Who Doesn’t Know Computers” by the Head of the Department of Mukhtar Affairs and the Department of Women and Family Services. Önder Yanmaz, Head of the Head of the Headman of the Headmanship Affairs Department, stated that they were happy to be a part of the graduation joy of the mukhtars at the certificate ceremony held in Çubuk and Akyurt, and said:

“We started the technology trainings for the mukhtars, which we started within the scope of the Social Municipalism approach, in Polatlı for the first time. Then we completed the computer training we gave in Çubuk, Akyurt and Sincan Yenikent. Together with the headmen, we wanted to contribute to the Green Capital, and we planted saplings in Çubuk Valley.

We will continue to evaluate new demands from our mukhtars.” Emphasizing that, like a student, Computer Trainer Mustafa Sandıklı learned what the muhtars did not know and reinforced some of their knowledge, he said, “We tried to teach our muhtars how to use basic computer programs, today’s developing mobile applications, and the Metropolitan’s ‘Muhtar Ankara’ and ‘Baskent Mobile’ applications. We briefly described to them the ways to implement this communication in order to ensure a healthy communication.”

Thanks to ABB from the headmen!

Headmen in Çubuk and Akyurt districts, who showed great interest in computer education and were excited for graduation, expressed their thoughts with the following words:

-Emrah Karakuş (Çubuk Kösrelik Neighborhood Headman): “We were satisfied with the computer training offered to us. We do most of our work on the computer. We have also received our certificates, I would like to thank those who contributed.”

-Sadık Can (Çubuk Yazır Neighborhood Headman and Head of Headmen’s Association): “This training has been very beneficial for our district and our headmen. We learned about things we didn’t know. It is valuable for us to see value.”

Zekai Çevik (Baruk Tahtayazı Neighborhood Headman): “The computer course was successful. We are also ready to receive repetition and more different technological trainings. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.”

-Fatih Keyvanoğlu (Muhtar of Akyurt Timurhan Neighborhood): “We knew computers, but we came to learn more comprehensively. It was a very useful organization. It will be useful to serve citizens more comfortably.”

Mehmet Yılmaz (Muhtar of Akyurt Uzunlar District): “I had the chance to learn what I did not know. I used to have difficulty using the computer, now I can produce documents more easily.”

-Burhan Karaoğlan (Akyurt Güzelhisar Neighborhood Headman and Head of Headmen’s Association): “Most of my friends did not know how to use computers. They had the opportunity to learn what they did not know. I also learned what I did not know. It was also convenient for us that the course was given free of charge.” After the certificate ceremony, the headmen of the capital planted saplings in Çubuk Valley and supported the ‘Green Capital’ project.

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