Government Agencies In Colorado Will Start Accepting Cryptocurrency By The End Of Summer!

From Colorado, currently hosting the 2022 ETHenver conference cryptocurrency Good news about the units continues to come.

State taxes and other payments in Colorado, one of the highest altitude states in the USA cryptocurrency with the unit.

Colorado governor Jared Polis today in the Coindesk TV interview he attended cryptocurrency He shared the details of his plans for the units.

Date Gave

Continuing his support for cryptocurrencies as in his previous statements, the governor said that they will accept crypto for tax payments until the end of summer.

“For the convenience of consumers, we would like to accept payments in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies as well as credit cards.

Colorado is currently looking for companies to handle real crypto transactions.

We don’t want to take the speculative risk of holding crypto so we will have a transaction layer there.”

Will it be successful?

The crypto-friendly governor has been known for his support of Bitcoin since 2014. It is wondered whether the initiatives of the governor, who wants to raise his support for cryptocurrencies to the state level, will result in success.

Colorado is not the first state to pass taxes through digital assets. Pilot programs in Seminole County in Ohio and Florida were shelved as unsuccessful.

The governor of Colorado recently evaluated the decline in Bitcoin and stated that his views on accepting cryptocurrencies have not changed.

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