Google’s secret project revealed! Developers may be unemployed.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most talked about topics lately. Artificial intelligence, which has become a part of daily life by exceeding its field day by day, is becoming a technology that large companies also apply. One of these companies was Google. According to the information revealed, Google artificial intelligence project will do.

The name of the Google artificial intelligence project ‘pitchfork‘ is listed as

With the spread of artificial intelligence in wider areas today, Google seems to have taken some steps for this technology. Google’s parent company Alphabet, came up with a project he developed. This project seems to make software developers unemployed.

This project, allegedly developed by Google Labs, is an artificial intelligence write the desired code and the problem fix the codes being trained for. Previously, there were news that artificial intelligence was painting or writing news. But the idea of ​​self-coding artificial intelligence comes up in a new way.

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According to the news, if the Google artificial intelligence project is successful, the company will primarily software developers He can lose his job. Also, the code name of the project is ‘pitchfork‘ is alleged. The aim of the project is to enable artificial intelligence to write code by itself using machine learning.

A subject related Google spokesperson made a statement. “The Pitchfork team is working closely with the company’s research team to explore different use cases to assist developers.” The spokesperson also states that the main purpose of this project is to create a new tool.

Google's secret project revealed!  Developers may be unemployed.

This project was first made to update the codebase of the Python programming language to local versions without humans. However, this goal has changed over time. Google’s acknowledgment that they are working on the Pitchfork project and the company’s employees confirming these claims shows that artificial intelligence will take over the software business in the near future. There is no definite information about whether the software developer employees in the company can be fired.

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