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In recent years, we have started to delegate our daily tasks such as cleaning to robots. The artificial intelligence supported PaLM-SayCan robot developed by Google will take this level to the next level. Although the design of the robot, whose tests are ongoing, is similar to the ones used in factories, it aims to be included in daily life.

PaLM-SayCan can analyze what is said!

With its newly developed robot, Google aims to perform many operations instead of serving a single purpose as in the small robots we currently use in our homes. The company, which aims to save time from the work that people do in daily life, will perform these operations thanks to the artificial intelligence it calls PaLM. The robot was named PaLM-SayCan because of the artificial intelligence it uses.

Thanks to the PaLM artificial intelligence developed by Google, the robot has learned nearly 540 billion language parameters. Of course, although the learning process is still ongoing, PaLM-SayCan will be able to understand the given commands, analyze and offer the most accurate solution, and even solve complex mathematical problems.

Tesla robots will cook, take care of the elderly!

Tesla robots will cook, take care of the elderly!

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He started working in the kitchen!

Google has begun testing its robot in the kitchens of its own office, rather than in laboratories or factories as other companies do. PaLM-SayCan, which can distinguish between famous brands according to the information shared by company employees, can also help with cleaning works. For example, employees say, “I spilled my drink, can you clean it up?” command, the robot can clean.


According to the information conveyed by the Google analyst, the reason for testing this robot, which has advanced artificial intelligence and sensors, outside of traditional environments is to ensure that it can adapt to human behavior and language.

It is said that the robot developed by Everyday Robots, another subsidiary of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, will be the strongest competitor of Tesla Bot, announced by Tesla in a very short time.

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